From touch down to take off, we've got you covered!

Ground Services Equipment

Oceania Aviation understands the benefits of top performing Ground Support Equipment (GSE). We take pride on offering a wide range of products, serviced at the highest level.

Oceania Aviation leads the way in custom-designed and manufactured GSE, meeting all the needs of airlines at the ground level and delivering superior products for better value.

Safety and reliability are the foremost objectives for the GSE department, which results in airlines avoiding unnecessary delays due to equipment malfunction. Oceania Aviation adheres to strict maintenance regimes for all equipment, including daily serviceability reports and action logs.

GSE Maintenance

With a well-cemented reputation for aviation expertise, Oceania Aviation can provide on request, maintenance and servicing for most types of ground support equipment.

Oceania Aviation's multi-skilled engineers provide the highest standards of service and deliver superior, timely maintenance, in a cost effective manner.

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