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Baggage Barrow

Oceania Aviation supply baggage barrows manufactured to a very high specification. The barrows combine quality materials and reliable design and allow the transfer of baggage and cargo to an aircraft hold with ease

Benefits of the baggage barrow

  • Low Maintenance and ease of operation
  • Superior quality and reliability
  • Tarpaulins fitted as standard
  • 12 Month Warranty

Technical Features

  • Heavy wall pipe outer on structural frame
  • Tapered 2 degrees to centre  allowing for drainage
  • Industrial quality vinyl tarpaulin with stowage enclosure
  • Industrial axel stubs
  • Braking system incorporated with draw bar
Baggage Barrow


  • Deck: 1800mm wide x3860 long
  • Deck Height: 650mm from ground
  • Wheel Base: 2400mm
  • Track Width: 1200mm Front, 1400mm Rear
  • Overall Length: 5211mm
  • Overall Height: 1223 mm
  • Overall Width: 1480 mm
  • Rating: 2500 Kg

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